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Window Cleaning in Layton Utah

As part of the Ogden-Clearfield Metropolitan area, Layton has grown phenomenally in the past few years. Only 25 miles from Salt Lake City, Layton close to many great attractions and companies. That and the close community feel to the city encourages many to move in. There are an estimated of 10,000 more people since 2010. As such, there are many windows that need to be kept clean to maintain the beauty of the city.


That's where Summit View Window Cleaning comes in. We are striving for clean windows in all the homes and business around and in Layton, Utah. We believe each window needs detailed attention. This starts with the glass on both sides and continues to the window track, the screen, and anything attached to the window. 


Residential Window Cleaning


Summit View Window Cleaning uses window cleaning technology that is friendly to household pets and small children. We are conscientious of the window cleaning needs of those whom we serve. We strive to do our best to pay attention to detail and give the people we serve the best quality service for the lowest and most affordable price. 


Professional Window Cleaning


Along with cleaning windows in houses, Summit View can clean windows for businesses in Layton. We support local and small businesses by offering recurring low prices and special deals for cleaning their windows. As a small business, we understand the importance of making a good impression for your business, even in details like clean windows.



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