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Supporting Local Charities


We support local charities like Compassionate Characters who help the community with characters from Princesses, Super Heroes, and other favorites.


Compassionate Characters is a non-profit organization that is just starting up. Their mission is to put school supplies back into the schools.

At the beginning of 2017 a group of cosplayers got together and wanted to do some good for our communities. They decided to start there focus in the Ogden area and then hopefully be able to expand from there. The first place in Ogden they decided to help was the YCC Family Crisis Center. They did fundraisers from March til August and then donated 42 book bags of school supplies to the kids from elementary to high school. They throw a fun carnival for the kids when they deliver the book bags and do a Christmas carnival for the kids every year. 


They also love to do drop in's for children who are going in for surgery and treatments.

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